Randomness of life

Have you ever had the most random thoughts during your day and “think why am I thinking about a garbage truck in the middle of the night?”Well, I think I can answer your question. My roommate and I have these funny random moments where we laugh until our stomach hurts, ask each other questions that no one would think of asking, share random facts that no one would know or a combination of everything. I love these moments. These moments are moments that make life worth it. People have asked me “why are you so weird?” You know what my answer is? My answer is,” Being weird is the new normal and I love being random!”

You have two choices when something random happens to you. 1.) you can enjoy the random moment and make it last or 2.) you can skip the moment and trudge through life without any fun. For me, I would choose the happy, crazy, fun, random moments in my life. If I didn’t have those moments, I would have the friends I have today, I wouldn’t be growing  with my roommate, and I wouldn’t enjoy my life.

I want you to look for the random parts in your life and enjoy the moment! That is my challenge to you.


New Beginnings

Every new school has the potential to go very well, good, bad and lastly very bad. As a junior at George Fox University, I am seeing the potential of this school year and I can say that it is well! By the second of last year, I was nervous that I was still the new kid. Last year I felt like I had various signs on my forehead saying that “Loner”, “New Kid”, “Afraid”, and others. Last year, I felt that my whole personality was buried underneath numerous layers of insecurity. If I found something I was insecure about, another layer would be added.

This time, though I feel like I am free. All of the layers have come off ! Even though we are currently in the month of September, I feel like I’m in the month of April. I have reunited with the people who have made me realize that it’s important to love myself, live our lives to the fullest while we can and to laugh every moment we have. For example, tonight we had a very deep conversation about napkins…. Weird I know but it was very deep haha. These people are my family! Jessica is so deep with her thinking about God and the specific spiritual realm He is in. Emmalee has questions that make me really think about issues. Jacob brings different perspectives to the table with his engineering mind and he brings up amazing points that no one thinks to bring them up. Everyone else has their own talents that make our group what it is. I can’t help but embarrass myself with trying to eat food and have it drop back on my plate and have anyone not notice (one of my secret talents)

Anyways, why this post? I wanted to write this because someone might have had it rough in previous years but let me tell you I’ve been there. It will get better. I know people say that all of the time that things will get better and change but in all honesty,I am living proof that things can change. I’m more of a social butterfly now compared to the hermit I used to be. My best advice is to surround yourself with positive people who bring the best out of you and help you love the parts of yourself that you despise. Being around my group of friends, I have noticed that I’m not as anxious, depressed or stressed out anymore. If my friends are reading this, You guys are amazing people and I’m blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you.


Change is in the Air

Just as the title says, I feel like there is a  change in the air. As the semester comes to an end, I have noticed things that I normally wouldn’t have. Since writing the blogs with the subject of nature my posts have gone from dull to exciting. This week I have definitely noticed that the grounds of George Fox University are not just green, but it is almost like a neon green. It is so beautiful and spring is abundant.

When I first started this blog, I thought that writing about nature was so pointless and thought about what I could be doing instead of spending an average of 20 minutes outside. I thought about how much homework I could have gotten done in the same amount of time. However, sometimes we just need to take a break and slow down the pace of our day. Some of the days that I wrote the nature blog, I really needed a break. I have had a crazy semester let alone year here at Fox and I needed the break to unwind and breathe.

I do think that after this semester I have been changing my view on George Fox and Newberg as a whole. When I got here last August, I had expectations of what my life would turn out to be like. Since then, there have been bumps in the road that I honestly think have helped me in more ways than one. I think being here has changed my life so much and I’m grateful for that. This town is very  quaint and small town which is what I have been missing my entire life. This school is so positive and the teachers are not how I expected them to be like. Before I got accepted, I went to a community college where the professors job was to lecture you and that is it. Here at Fox, the professors care about how you are doing mentally, emotionally, physically, and more importantly spiritually. It’s a nice change. Everything that I have experienced since being here in Newberg has been a nice change.

Nature blog

Unfortunately, the first day of being twenty years old I got sick. After realizing I had no medication to get rid of my sickness, I got up, got dressed, went to church and lastly to the store to get my meds and tea.

I took my meds and took a lovely nap. I woke up to the sunshine peeking through my blinds to say hello. I glanced at my clock on the top of my bookshelf and it said 4:45 pm. It was to wake up from my slumber and try to eat something.

While my food was heating, I decided to watch something on Netflix that had the potential of making me feel better: anything Christmas or comedy. These two genres help me feel better no matter what the situation. I choose to watch Santa Baby and The Goonies. I seriously hope the medicine starts to work soon.

Newberg Adventure

When the incoming freshman came to George Fox University, the school had a Welcome Weekend which included Bruin Adventure where we went to Oaks Park and something I really enjoyed: the Newberg Adventure!

Yesterday I had the chance to walk around my beautiful and quaint town. I haven’t had this relaxing of a day to do anything I wanted since school first started. On Wednesday afternoon, my friends and I went to Jamba Juice in Beaverton to commence the sunshine that decided to make its presence known. I know that I had homework to do when I got back so I decided to get 3g energy supplement added to my smoothie. I drank this smoothie within on hour to two hours. Unfortunately, the supplement didn’t hit me until 12 in the morning. What could I do with all of this energy? HOMEWORK! Yes, I stayed up until 3:30 a.m. doing homework.

On Saturday, I woke up around 10 in the morning with a sense of purpose. I was going on an adventure! I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I wanted to do something fun. First, I went to the cafeteria for breakfast. I walked to Chapters for a cup of white mocha and to read my book for my research paper. Then, I walked to critter cabana, the BEST PLACE EVER for relieving stress! I got to hold a puppy that was half pug and half rat terrier. I wasn’t the only Fox student that needed a break from our everyday stressors. I walked throughout different boutiques and tried to buy a little something from each one to support the small businesses.

This day had been so nice to just to walk around , enjoy the sunshine and get to know people who have lived in this town their entire lives!

My Research Paper

I honestly did not have a clue of what to do for my research paper. Then I started thinking of things that I have learned and wanted to learn more about. I moved around a lot but my favorite place we lived was in Virginia. There is an island called Chincoteague in Virginia. It’s a tiny beach town on the east coast. A few things that make this town famous includes Misty of Chincoteague, the Chincoteague Blueberry Festival and the Pony Swim. I wanted to learn about how the town got started, who started it and other histories of the town.

Class outside

Instead of our normal lecture in the four walls we know as a classroom, we ventured outside! Our cars pulled into a gravel area we used to park. We got out and trudged through the hidden mush other known as mud to get to the spot that we would be working in. We split into two groups, one that would load the wheel barrels with bark dust and the other group would shovel the bark onto the cardboard ground.

As I hustled to fill the wheel barrels with bark, my memory ran down memory lane back to Serve Day when I did this same thing and made new friends that I see often. I traded off with a classmate to run the barrels up the little hill. And boy, was that a workout in itself. I wasn’t exactly wearing appropriate clothing, a flannel shirt, dark jeans covering my calf length boots. I broke out into a sweat easily but it was well deserved.

Once I did a few runs back and forth, I traded again with the same classmate so I could take a break. I wanted to strike up a conversation with the guys who were also filling the wheel barrels. “Any plans for Spring break?” I got various answers but the consensus was “Going home and sleeping.” Once I started college, I began this one idea of a thing called sleep. It’s a beautiful thing where you lay in a soft bed while your cares drift away as your drift to sleepy land. The entire class period went by in a blink of an eye. Back to school we went.